A TICKING TIME BOMB reveals the dark human side of the pain and suffering people with Lyme must deal with. Tom Balsamides wife Tamara, suffered with Lyme for 15 + years before she got a handle on what was going on and her journey led to the making of this film.

Her inspiration, dedication and steadfast exploration to face the hurdles and overcome them, is in large part, a testament to the clarity and focus this film gives to the problem. Known as “the silent epedemic” A TICKING TIME BOMB is a must see film for anyone interested in or affected by Lyme Disease…..(read more)


Tom Balsamides, an award-winning filmmaker, and his wife Tamara Balsamides, artist and writer, have created a indie film documenting the beginning awareness of Lyme Disease up until today when the Lyme Disease community has faced and is still facing ignorance, discrimination and medical neglect from the established health care system.

Contracted by a bite from a common tick, Lyme is both deadly and debilitating. Lyme Disease creates problems for the health care system due to the inaccuracy of testing and the lack of research dollars devoted to studying, treating and curing the infection. The problem is explained and explored by both doctors and patients alike in this new film.

Tamara Balsamides herself has been suffering with Lyme for many years and this prompted her husband Tom to create this film with Tamara as co-producer. Tamara has this to say regarding her difficult journey with Lyme: “Lyme disease is a disaster of epic proportions; it has evolved into an epidemic in the northern United States of America. For instance, the number of new cases yearly eclipses the number of new cases of AIDS and breast cancer…(read more)