Lyme disease: Misdiagnosis & Autism

We very often hear about the Lyme disease and its victims. The tests have been so faulty, which then resulted to the delay of correct treatment. But one thing is certain to this disease:

It’s not an easy one

And because diagnosing is indeed so difficult, the reported numbers of victims were believed to be higher than the true number of cases.

Lyme disease occurs by the bacteria (Borrelia burgdorferi) transfusion mainly through tick’s bite. Early known symptoms are flu-like illnesses and rashes. When misdiagnosed, it may become late-stage or chronic.

It is called “the great imitator” why?, because Lyme can mimic virtually any diseases. Patients with Lyme disease, on their first consultation, were misdiagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, various psychiatric illnesses (depression), and more. From this, before victims know the correct diagnosis, they are indeed had long frustration of finding out what was truly happening to their body and mind.

Lyme affects the whole element of a person (from head to toe, physically and mentally). Because most of us are uninformed, people only tend to know it when they themselves are experiencing it. It’s a shock to know when they are in this situation, they are panicking in the dark, as to what are the first steps are to be taken.

But to those who can’t relate yet and are not victims, the worst fact is they tend to remark to the patients, as having a psychiatric illness. This is the very reason why Lyme is also called the ‘Silent Epidemic’. It is not virtually easy to track people who have Lyme.  This resulted in lack of sympathy by other families, friends and authorities (health organizations). But behind the smiles of these victims with their strong spirit, they are suffering from inside, day and night.

Autism (ASD) is a kind of developmental disabilities primarily caused by brain’s abnormality. Knowingly, it is characterized by social interaction difficulties and repetitive behaviours. Its signs and characteristics begin early in childhood and lasts throughout a person’s life. Many believe if Lyme is misdiagnosed it could lead to early onset Autism.

One tick’s bite could change the rest of your life.

Take time to sit and watch a well-documented film about Lyme disease: “A Ticking Time Bomb

Time is so important. You don’t need to search the information about it, when in fact, experienced people are offering you the knowledge already!

Be informed.
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Information Credit to: Lyme disease org (Lyme disease- the great imitator)


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